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3 papers on helmets and laws in Injury Prevention
4 UK reports find little evidence of helmet effectiveness
A bicycling mystery: head injuries piling up
A case-control study of the effectiveness of bicycle safety helmets
A cost-benefit analysis of BC's bicycle helmet law
A critical examination of arguments in favour of bicycle helmet legislation
A helmet law for Ireland?
A helmet saved my life!
A hospital led promotion campaign aimed to increase bicycle helmet wearing among children aged 11 - 15 living in West Berkshire 1992-98
A prospective analysis of injury severity among helmeted and non helmeted bicyclists involved in collisions with motor vehicles
A solicitor's experience
A tale of two cities
Alberta's helmet law – children's cycling halved, increased injuries per cyclist
Alcohol, bicycling, and head and brain injury: a study of impaired cyclists' riding patterns
Alcohol: obscuring the outcomes of helmet research?
All-ages legislation for Iceland?
An introduction to the objective risk assessment of cycling
Are all head injuries a matter for concern?
Assessing the actual risks faced by cyclists
Assessment of current bicycle helmets for the potential to cause rotational injury
Assessment of current bicycle helmets for the potential to cause rotational injury
Australia: the world's fattest nation
Benefit-cost analyses of helmet promotion and laws
Bicycle helmet effectiveness - a broader perspective
Bicycle helmet legislation for the uptake of helmet use and prevention of head injuries (Review)
Bicycle helmet prevalence after 2 years in Alberta
Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation
Bicycle helmets - a review of their effectiveness: a critical review of the literature
Bicycle injuries: road trauma is not the only concern
Bicycle safety helmet legislation and bicycle-related non-fatal injuries in California
Bicyclists, helmets and head injuries: a rider-based study of helmet use and effectiveness
Bike hire schemes
BMJ focuses on uncertainties about helmets
Boris Johnson
Briefing for legislators
Briefing papers
Casualty trends
Casualty trends in Great Britain
Casualty trends in Greater London
Changes in cycle use in Australia
Changes in traffic crash mortality rates ... United States 1982 - 2001
Child cyclist head injuries in England: the wider context
Child cyclist injuries involving head injury, Great Britain
Child cyclists requiring treatment in Dutch hospitals 1998 to 2000
Child deaths due to cycle helmets
Child helmet laws: a case study
City hire bikes and helmets
Claims by BHIT
Cochrane Review: Authors' abstract
Cochrane Review: Helmets for preventing head and facial injuries in bicyclists
Cochrane Review: Helmets for preventing head and facial injuries in bicyclists - full critique
Commentaries on published evidence
Comments on Road Safety Research Report 30 (RSRR30) by Towner et al.
Commuting trends in Australia
Compendium of errors and omissions in Canadian research group's bicycle Compendium of errors and omissions in Canadian research group's bicycle helmet publications
Conflicting evidence - a concern not only for cycle helmet research
Contradictory evidence about the effectiveness of cycle helmets
Costs and benefits of the New Zealand helmet law
Criteria to justify a helmet law
Cycle helmet effectiveness in New Zealand
Cycle helmet laws – facts, figures and consequences
Cycle helmets - an overview
Cycle helmets - time for legislation
Cycle helmets and rotational injuries
Cycle helmets: a duty to wear?
Cycling fatalities, Great Britain
Cyclist and pedestrian casualties in Edinburgh 1980 - 2000
Cyclists requiring treatment in US hospitals 1991 to 2000
Cyclists win helmet battle with insurer
Do bicycle safety helmets reduce severity of head injury in real crashes?
Economic disparity in bicycle helmet use by children six years after the introduction of legislation
Effect of legislation on the use of bicycle helmets
Effectiveness of bicycle helmets in preventing head injury in children: case-control study
Effectiveness of bicycle safety helmets in preventing head injuries: a case-control study
Epidemiology of bicycle injury, head injury, and helmet use among children in British Columbia: a five year descriptive study
Errors and omissions in Canadian research group's bicycle helmet papers
Estudio sobre accidentes de ciclistas en carretera
European Council of Ministers of Transport: National Policies to Promote Cycling
European Cyclists' Federation
European Research Project: Vulnerable road users
Evaluation of the Bicycle Helmet Wearing Law in Victoria during its first four years
FARS bicycle helmet use data
Fatalities in cycle sport
Frequently asked questions
General articles
Head injuries and cycling safety in France
Head Injuries and Helmet Laws in Australia and New Zealand
Head injuries to bicyclists and the New Zealand bicycle helmet law
Head injuries up after helmet law? (Alberta)
Head injuries when cycling in perspective
Heads up
Heads up - the science of helmets
Health on the move 2
HEAT analysis: United Kingdom
Helmet design and standards
Helmet laws
Helmet laws and health
Helmet laws repealed or reduced in scope
Helmet laws, numbers of cyclists and accident rates
Helmet laws: Alberta
Helmet laws: Australian Capital Territory
Helmet laws: British Columbia
Helmet laws: California
Helmet laws: creating consensus from controversy and contradictions
Helmet laws: Czech Republic
Helmet laws: Iceland
Helmet laws: Israel
Helmet laws: New Brunswick
Helmet laws: New Jersey
Helmet laws: New South Wales
Helmet laws: New Zealand
Helmet laws: Northern Territory
Helmet laws: Nova Scotia
Helmet laws: Ontario
Helmet laws: Prince Edward Island
Helmet laws: Queensland
Helmet laws: South Africa
Helmet laws: South Australia
Helmet laws: Spain
Helmet laws: Sweden
Helmet laws: Tasmania
Helmet laws: Victoria
Helmet laws: Western Australia
Helmet laws: What has been their effect?
Helmet promotion
Helmet protection from head injuries among recreational bicyclists
Helmet standards and capabilities
Helmet use, safety and obesity
Helmet wearing and cycle use in Great Britain
Helmets and bicycle-related injuries in Queensland
High life expectancy confirms low risk in cycling
How common is head injury when cycling?
How helmet promotion and laws affect cycle use
How much are helmet laws justified?
If car occupants must wear seat belts, why shouldn't cyclists wear helmets?
Impact of bicycle helmet safety legislation on children admitted to a regional pediatric trauma center
Impact of Mandatory Helmet Legislation on Bicycle-Related Head Injuries in Children
Injuries to cyclists in the Netherlands
Injury patterns in cyclists attending an accident and emergency department
International cycling deaths
Is cycling without a helmet dangerous?
Is There Any Reliable Evidence That Australian Helmet Legislation Works?
Legislation for the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets
Litigation and legal issues
Liverpool cyclist wins helmet litigation
Location of injuries to cyclists
Main topics
Making cycle helmets compulsory: ethical arguments for legislation
Mandatory helmet legislation and children's exposure to cycling
Medical opinion in litigation
Mind your head: The data and debate on bicyle helmet effectiveness
Misleading claims
Misleading research
NCS Board policy statement
NEISS data on bicyclist injuries
New Zealand
New Zealand bicycle helmet law - do the costs outweigh the benefits?
Newcastle High Court judgement against contributory negligence
Oblique impact testing of cycle helmets
Ontario adult helmet bill fails (2005)
Opinion of a person with hearing difficulty
Overviews of helmet effectiveness
Participation in bicycling in the USA
Peer Review in the dock
Perceived and actual safety in Copenhagen
Policy statement
Promoting safe cycling and helmet use
Publication bias and time-trend bias in meta-analysis of bicycle helmet efficacy
Published evidence on cycling and health
Published evidence sceptical of helmet effectiveness or promotion
Published evidence supportive of helmet effectiveness or promotion
Quantifying the risk of head injury to child cyclists in England
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Relative risk in cycling
Relative risk of head injury
Research Index by Author
Research Index by Title
Risk and cycling
Risk-Compensation Behavior in Children - Myth or Reality?
Royal Mail: a case study
Safety in numbers
Safety in numbers in Australia
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Seasonal variation in hospital admission for road traffic injuries in England: analysis of hospital statistics
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Site Index by Title
South Africa
Spain: casualty data
Statistical research: some concepts and definitions
Test page
The effectiveness of bicycle helmets: a study of 1710 casualties
The effectiveness of cycle helmets - an assessment to 2000
The effects of bicycling helmets in preventing significant bicycle-related injuries in children
The effects of provincial bicycle helmet legislation on helmet use and bicycle ridership in Canada
The health benefits of cycling
The health impact of mandatory bicycle helmet laws
The impact of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries in New South Wales
The introduction of helmet laws to Australia
The potential for cycle helmets to prevent injury – a review of the evidence
Three years of mandatory helmet use in Spain
Trends in cyclist casualties in Britain with increasing cycle helmet use (to 2000)
Trends in head injury mortality among 0 - 14 year olds in Scotland (1986-95)
Trends in helmet use and head injuries in San Diego County
Trends in Pediatric and Adult Bicycling Deaths Before and After Passage of a Bicycle Helmet Law
Trends in serious head injuries among cyclists in England: analysis of routinely collected data
Trends in serious head injuries among English cyclists and pedestrians
Tres años de casco obligatorio en España
United Kingdom
Western Australia cyclist and pedestrian fatality trends
Western Australia declined to review helmet law (2006)
What evidence is there that cycle helmets reduce serious injury?
What evidence is there that cycle helmets save lives?
What is the balance of advantage?
What is the most effective way to improve cycling safety?
WHO Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT)
Why are Dutch cyclists more likely to be injured if they wear helmets?
Why bicycle helmets are not effective in the reduction of injuries to cyclists
Why it is wrong to claim that cycle helmets prevent 85% of head injuries and 88% of brain injuries
Young cyclist wins crash case against insurance 'bully-boys'

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