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The Case for Not Wearing a Bike Helmet
Helmets have been mandatory in the pro peloton for well over a decade. Where’s the data that it’s helping?
read more ...    5 Dec 2018

Bicycle Network campaigns for helmet law reform
Australia's Bicycle Network has come out in favour of reforming Australia's mandatory bicycle helmet law.
read more ...    21 Nov 2018

Cycling Tips: Commentary
Commentary: Why I stopped wearing a bike helmet by Peter Flax
read more ...    2 Nov 2018

Bicycling Magazine
It’s Okay If You Don’t Wear a Bike Helmet
read more ...    23 Oct 2018

Carlton Reid, transport writer
I Do Not Wear A Bicycle Helmet
read more ...    21 Oct 2018

More on Why We Shouldn't Have Mandatory Helmet Laws
Over on VOX, Joseph Stromberg rounds up the studies about bike helmets and concludes that if you want to get more people to ride bikes, then you shoul
read more ...    11 Oct 2018

Give Kids Bikes, Not Helmets
Why helmet giveaways are an act of surrender
read more ...    5 Sep 2018

Enough with the Smashed Watermelons! Helmet Mania Is Scaring Kids Away from Biking
Free Range Kids
read more ...    24 Jul 2016

North Coast Journal of Politics, People & Art
The Great Bike Helmet Debate BY BARRY EVANS
read more ...    14 May 2015

Head Injuries Didn't Rise in Bike-Share Cities. They Actually Fell
In fact, head injuries declined about 14 percent after cities started bike-sharing programs.
read more ...    16 Jun 2014

Brain surgeon: There's no point wearing bicycle helmets
A British brain surgeon says cycle helmets are too flimsy and can actually create more danger by creating the illusion of greater safety.
read more ...    1 Jun 2014

Helmets not in Top 10 of things to keep cycling safe - Boardman
British Cycling's policy advisor and champion cyclist Chris Boardman says it&rsquo
read more ...    20 Feb 2014

Howie Chong - Digital Activist
Based in Toronto, I’m a climate hawk who uses digital tools to marshal popular power against oil and gas projects.
read more ...    1 Feb 2014

Angela Merkel speaks out against helmet laws
Opening Germany's annual cycling showcase Eurobike, Chancellor Angela Merkel told
read more ...    28 Aug 2013

Government agencies drop 85% helmet benefit claim
US federal agencies The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) an
read more ...    4 Jun 2013

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