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3 papers on helmets and laws in Injury Prevention

Decide for yourself about the quality of the works published

4 UK reports find little evidence of helmet effectiveness

The results of independent research by diverse sources

A critical examination of arguments in favour of bicycle helmet legislation

How poor methods and analyses result in misrepresentation of the Canadian experience

Assessing the actual risks faced by cyclists

Putting the risk when cycling into perspective

Australia: the world's fattest nation

Read what this has to do with cycle helmets

Bicycle helmets: a scientific evaluation

A detailed analysis of brain injuries, helmets and legislation

BMJ focuses on uncertainties about helmets

Analyses and peer responses in the British Medical Journal about whether helmet laws lead to improved public health

Changes in cycle use in Australia

A comprehensive look at how cycle use has changed since the helmet laws

City hire bikes and helmets

How helmet laws could de-rail the City Bike revolution

Cochrane Review

Our commentary on one of the principal pro-helmet documents

Conflicting evidence - a concern not only for cycle helmet research

A look at other medical research that has proved unreliable

Head injuries and helmet laws in Australia and New Zealand

A comprehensive assessment of the first helmet laws

Helmet laws: creating consensus out of controversy and contradictions

Robinson DL Velo City 2007

Helmet laws: What has been their effect?

How individual laws have affected cycle use and casualties

High life expectancy confirms low risk in cycling

Evidence of long lives for those who cycle regularly counters the notion that cyclists face exceptional risk of head injury

Misleading research

Reviews of 3 papers that are fundamentally flawed and in which the data sometimes provides good evidence for an opposite conclusion to that advanced by the authors.

No evidence of benefit from helmet laws

The influential Cochrane Review finds it cannot show that helmet laws lead to a lower risk of head injury

Quantifying the risk of head injury to child cyclists in England

Risk compensation: myth or reality?

The authors are not convinced about risk compensation. We look at their analysis.

Safety in numbers

Evidence that cycling is a low-risk activity that gets safer when more people do it

Science or non-science?

BHRF looks at a one-sided review of helmets for the BMA's Board of Science that relies heavily on the use of discredited and anecdotal evidence

The health benefits of cycling

Why the benefits of cycling greatly outweigh the risk

The science of cycle helmets

How they work and their limitations

TRL confirms helmets may increase severity of injuries

Our review analyses the findings and takes a wider look at rotational injuries

Why are Dutch cyclists more likely to be injured if they wear helmets?

Few Dutch cyclists wear helmets, but 13% of hospitalised cyclists do. Why?

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