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Overviews of helmet effectiveness

Cycle helmets - an overview

The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation's own comprehensive summary of the current state of knowledge about cycle helmets and the issues that surround them. This overview is updated from time to time to keep it current.

Bicycle helmets - a review of their effectiveness: a critical review of the literature

This report has been widely criticised for considering only one type of evidence on helmet effectiveness, its lack of balance, and the omission of so much that is crucially relevant.

Cochrane Review: Helmets for preventing head and facial injuries in bicyclists

A review of 7 studies, 4 of which are by the authors themselves. This review has attracted a great deal of criticism for its limited scope and perceived bias.

Cycle helmets briefing  

The CTC's view about cycle helmets with key facts and arguments. 2012

Cycle helmets: an overview of the evidence  

CTC's case, with references, why helmets should not be made compulsory or promoted. 2012

Cycling and children and young people  

A comprehensive review of the benefits of cycling for children by the National Children's Bureau, which includes a substantial annex examining the debate about cycle helmets.

The effectiveness of cycle helmets

An investigation of cycle helmet research, revised to June 2000.

The potential for cycle helmets to prevent injury – a review of the evidence

Despite attempts to manipulate the results, one of the largest reviews of the evidence has not been able to find any reliable evidence that helmets have benefited cyclists.

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