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Casualty trends


Child deaths due to cycle helmets

Strangulations of childen wearing bicycle helmets at play

Fatalities in cycle sport

Cycle helmets have been mandatory in cycle sport since 2003. But since that date there have been more fatalities than in any other recent decade.

Relative risk of head injury

How cycling compares with other everyday activities


Is There Any Reliable Evidence That Australian Helmet Legislation Works?

Bruce Robinson looks the effects of legislation on risk of head injury. 1996.


Cyclist fatality trends in Canada  

New Zealand

Cyclist fatality trends in New Zealand  

Head injuries to bicyclists and the New Zealand bicycle helmet law

Scuffham P, Alsop J, Cryer C, Langley JD. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2000 Jul;32(4):565-73. 2

The NZ helmet law had no discernable effect on head injuries, which fell by no more than the decline in cycle use.

United Kingdom

Casualty trends in Great Britain

How casualty severity trends have changed before and after the advent of cycle helmets.

Child cyclist head injuries in England 1995 - 2002

Cyclist and pedestrian casualties in Edinburgh 1980 - 2000

Cycle helmet use in higher in Edinburgh than elsewhere in the UK, but there has been no discernible improvement in casualties. For children, casualties have increased.

Trends in cyclist casualties in Britain with increasing cycle helmet use

A look at the influence of cycle helmets on cyclist casualty statistics in Britain, and a comparison with similar research from other countries. May 2000

Trends in head injury mortality among 0 - 14 year olds in Scotland (1986-95)

Williamson, Morrison & Stone. Journal of Epidemiological Community Health 2002;56:285-288

This report shows that child pedestrians are much more at risk of head injury than child cyclists.


A bicycling mystery: head injuries piling up

An increase in helmet use from 18% to 50% over 10 years was accompanied by an increase of 40% in the risk of head injury per cyclist.

US cyclist fatality trends  

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