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3 papers on helmets and laws in Injury Prevention

The August 2006 issue of the journal Injury Prevention includes three new papers that assess the effects of bicycle helmets and helmet laws.

Read the papers and our commentaries and then decide for yourself on the quality of the work published and whether these papers advance understanding of the issues involved.

Bicycle helmet prevalence two years after the introduction of mandatory use legislation for under 18 year olds in Alberta, Canada
Hagel BE, Rizkallah JW, Lamy A, Belton KL, Jhangri GS, Cherry N, Rowe BH. Injury Prevention, 2006;12:262-265.

Changes in traffic crash mortality rates attributed to use of alcohol, or lack of a seat belt, air bag, motorcycle helmet or bicycle helmet, United States, 1982 - 2001
Cummings P, Rivara FP, Olson CM, Smith KM. Injury Prevention, 2006; 12:148-154

Economic disparity in bicycle helmet use by children six years after the introduction of legislation
Macpherson AK, Macarthur C, To TM, Chipman ML, Wright JG, Parkin PC. Injury Prevention, 2006;12:231-235

Each commentary includes a link to the original paper. Access is controlled by Injury Prevention and may require payment.

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