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Helmet laws and promotion

Mandatory bicycle helmet law in New Zealand  

Effect of law on cycle use, casualties and more

The New Zealand helmet law

Details of scope, compliance, enforcement, changes in injury and cycle use, cost benefit, etc

Published papers

Costs and benefits of the New Zealand helmet law

Analysis of the outcomes of the NZ law shows that the costs have greatly outweighed the benefits.

Head injuries and helmet laws in Australia and New Zealand

Head injuries to bicyclists and the New Zealand bicycle helmet law

The NZ helmet law had no discernable effect on head injuries, which fell by no more than the decline in cycle use.

Injuries to pedal cyclists on New Zealand roads, 1988 - 2007  

Over the decade to 2007, the number of cyclists admitted to hospital has increased notwithstanding the large fall in cycle use due to helmet legislation. There has particularly been an increase in off-road casualties.

New Zealand bicycle helmet law - do the costs outweigh the benefits?

For most age groups the authors deduce that costs of the NZ helmet law outweigh the benefits. With more rigorous analysis, the benefits are very much less for all ages.

The incidence of injuries traveling to and from school by travel mode  

School-related travel, including cycling, is a relatively safe activity contributing to a minority of all injuries sustained by youth.

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Cyclist fatality trends in New Zealand