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You can download copies of these papers by selecting 'Download this page' in the top right-hand corner of the page or by copying pdf files where these exist. The copyright in these briefing papers is owned by the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation, but the papers may be reproduced or distributed freely so long as they are not modified in any way.

General articles

A helmet saved my life!

Why this commonly experienced reaction is not necessarily valid

Bicycle helmets: quality of evidence

Wide-ranging submission to UK Government review, 2009.

Briefing for legislators

What politicians should know if they're considering a helmet law

Conflicting evidence - a concern not only for cycle helmet research

How other areas of medical research have also been found to be misleading

Cycle helmets - an overview

BHRF's comprehensive introduction to cycle helmets

Helmet laws: What has been their effect?

A law-by-law guide to their impact


Cochrane Review: Helmets for preventing head and facial injuries in bicyclists

Our commentary on one of the principal pro-helmet documents

Why it is wrong to claim that cycle helmets prevent 85% of head injuries and 88% of brain injuries

The truth behind the most widely cited research in favour of helmets

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