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General articles

Australia: the world's fattest nation

Read what this has to do with cycle helmets

Changes in cycle use in Australia

A look at how cycle use has changed since the helmet laws

The introduction of helmet laws to Australia

A look at how the helmet laws came into being

Helmet laws and promotion

Helmet laws in Australia

A law-by-law guide to their impact

Published papers

Australia's helmet law disaster  

Turner L Institute of Public Affairs IPA Review 2012(64):28-29

Cycle helmet laws - facts, figures and consequences

Robinson DL, 1996. Paper presented to Velo Australis international cycling conference

Cycling injuries in Australia: road safety's blind spot?  

Garrard J, Greaves S, Ellison A Australasian College of Road Safety ACRS 2010;21(3):37-43

Cyclist fatalities have remained steady over time while serious injuries have increased.

Head injuries and helmet laws in Australia and New Zealand

Helmet laws and health

Robinson DL, Australia Doctor, 1998.

Helmet laws, numbers of cyclists and accident rates

Robinson DL

Is there any reliable evidence that Australian helmet legislation works?

Bruce Robinson, 1996

Ride your bike: healthy policy for Australians

Rissel C Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2003;14(3):151-153

Emphasis on helmets has deterred many people from achieving the health benefits of cycling.

Safety in numbers in Australia

Safety in numbers applies in Australia as elsewhere but has been compromised by helmet laws

The impact of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries in New South Wales

Walter SR, Olivier J, Churches T, Grzebieta R. Accident Analysis & Prevention 2011 Nov;43(6):2064-71

This study claims to be the last word in showing that helmet laws are beneficial.

The impact of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries in New South Wales, Australia: A rejoinder  

Rissel C Accident Analysis & Prevention 2012;45:107-109

This paper challenges Walter, Olivier, Churches and Grzebieta, 2011 detailing many shortcomings that are said to make its conclusions invalid.

Where have all the bicycles gone? Are bicycle sales in Australia translated into health-enhancing levels of bicycle usage?  

Bauman A, Merom D, Rissel C Prev Med 2012 Feb;54(2):145-7

There are many more bikes being sold in Australia than are being used.


Australian cyclist numbers and population 1985/6 to 2011  

Analysis of government data shows the rate of cycling participation in Australia between 1985 and 2011 was 22.3% less than the rate of total population growth.

Commuting trends in Australia

Surveys of cycle use in Australia before and after the enactment of helmet laws

Western Australia cyclist and pedestrian fatality trends

Fatality statistics since 1975

External resources

Mandatory bicycle helmet law in Western Australia - the complete picture  

Comprehensive data on all aspects of the Western Australia law and more