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No-one knows if a helmet will reduce the risk of getting hurt
A long article in the June 2013 edition of Bicycling Magazine says that current bi
read more ...    1 Jun 2013

Minimal impact of helmet laws on head injuries
According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, helmet legislation
read more ...    14 May 2013

To Encourage Biking, Cities Lose the Helmets
The New York Times
read more ...    29 Sep 2012

Helmet laws discourage the safest cyclists
Researchers in Norway have looked into possible reasons why there is no good evide
read more ...    6 Aug 2012

Australian cycling boom a myth
According to the University of Sydney, claims that cycle use in Australia has rec
read more ...    28 Jun 2012

Vancouver acknowledges that helmet law could scupper bike-share
Responding to comments from the European Cyclists' Federation that the province's
read more ...    22 Jun 2012

Town drops helmet law to reduce its risks
For 15 years, until June 1, Milton, population 7,000, 45 minutes south of Seattle
read more ...    22 Jun 2012

Switzerland rejects child helmet law
The Swiss Government has decisively thrown out a proposal to make it mandatory fo
read more ...    12 Jun 2012

Campaign group stops publicising events that require helmet use
Scottish cycling campaign group Spokes, which has an extensive membership among c
read more ...    8 Jun 2012

Perth mayor backs calls for law relaxation
The Lord Mayor of Perth has now joined Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle in Australi
read more ...    8 Jun 2012

Men cycle faster with helmets?
According to research undertaken in Bordeaux, France, men who used a helmet for t
read more ...    22 May 2012

Fremantle joins calls for no helmets trial
The city of Fremantle in Western Australia has called for a two-year trial whereb
read more ...    11 May 2012

Ditch helmet laws, ECF President tells world transport ministers
Speaking at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany on 2 May 2012,
read more ...    7 May 2012

Minister argues for less emphasis on protective equipment
UK Transport Minister Norman Baker, who has special responsibility for cycling, t
read more ...    26 Apr 2012

CTC issues new briefings on cycle helmets
CTC, the UK's largest national cycling organisation, has issued two briefing docu
read more ...    21 Apr 2012

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