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CTC issues new briefings on cycle helmets

CTC, the UK's largest national cycling organisation, has issued two briefing documents to set out its views on the wearing of cycle helmets. The briefings set out the key facts and arguments – backed by extensive references – on helmet effectiveness, risks when cycling and the various stategies that might be brought to bear on the risks that are present. It stresses the need for informed decisions about helmets in the context of wider health outcomes and makes recommendations for employers, schools and event organisers.

The briefing is in two parts. The first part (11 pages) includes the headline messages and main arguments. The second part (23 pages) goes into more detail in a thorough overview of the evidence.

CTC says it is not 'anti-helmet' and does not take sides on whether or not it is a good idea for individual cyclists to wear them. However, it believes that helmets have not been shown to be an effective way to reduce cyclists' injury risks and might even be counter-productive. It believes that there is no justification for helmet laws or promotional activities that protray cycling as a particularly 'dangerous' activity; or that make unfounded claims about the effectiveness of helmets.

Fri 20 Apr 2012

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