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United Kingdom

Department for Transport review finds no benefit from helmets

Despite attempts to manipulate the results, one of the largest reviews of the evidence has not been able to find any reliable evidence that helmets have benefited cyclists.

General articles

Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust

BHIT campaigns for a helmet law, but its claims are often wide of the mark

Cycling Scotland  

Helmet policy, advice and bibliography

Cyclist and pedestrian casualties in Edinburgh 1980 - 2000

Cycle helmet use in higher in Edinburgh than elsewhere in the UK, but there has been no discernible improvement in casualties. For children, casualties have increased.

Helmet wearing and cycle use in Great Britain

Outcomes from Government research

Royal Mail: a case study

Royal Mail requires its 37,000 cycling 'posties' to wear helmets. But what evidence was taken into account?

The cost of a UK helmet law

The HEAT tool of the World Health Organisation is used to show that a helmet law for the UK would result in 253 more premature deaths per annum and an ongoing financial cost of £304m to £415m.

Trends in cyclist casualties in Britain with increasing cycle helmet use (to 2000)

A look at the influence of cycle helmets on cyclist casualty statistics in Britain, and a comparison with similar research from other countries. May 2000


4 UK reports find little evidence of helmet effectiveness

Bicycle helmets - a review of their effectiveness (2002)

This report from the Department for Transport has been much criticised for its lack of balance and the omission of so much that is crucially relevant

Child cyclist head injuries in England: the wider context

A critique of Department for Transport research


Cycle helmets briefing  

The CTC's view about cycle helmets with key facts and arguments. 2012

Cycle helmets: an overview of the evidence  

CTC's case, with references, why helmets should not be made compulsory or promoted. 2012

Published papers

Head injury deaths among 0-14 year olds in Scotland, 1986-1995

This report finds that child pedestrians are much more at risk of head injury than child cyclists

Quantifying the risk of head injury to child cyclists in England

An analysis of hospital admissions data


Casualty trends in Great Britain

The pattern of cyclist casualties before and after the increase in helmet use

Casualty trends in Greater London

How cyclists casualties have changed with growing cycle helmet use

Child cyclist injuries involving head injury, Great Britain

Government statistics

Cycling fatalities, Great Britain

From 1984