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News Headlines

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US Supreme Court dismisses claim that retailers should provide helmet fitting instructions
The parent of a child who was seriously injured in a bicycle accident brought sui
read more ...    1 Nov 2010

Injury concerns rise as football helmets questionned
According to  a feed from the New York Times, there are growing concerns about US
read more ...    21 Oct 2010

Helmet with a smell
The Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in Freiburg has come up w
read more ...    21 Oct 2010

Now an airbag for the head!
After several years of research and development a bicycle helmet unlike anything
read more ...    19 Oct 2010

Only 7 minor injuries in over 1 million hire journeys
Transport for London announces that since the London bike hire scheme began, ther
read more ...    13 Oct 2010

Weak study claims helmet laws lead to children quiting cycling
According to a study by Carpenter and Stehr, helmet laws encourage kids to give u
read more ...    10 Oct 2010

Skateboard law defeated in British Columbia
The Union of British Columbia Municipalities has voted helmet on legislation for
read more ...    8 Oct 2010

Vancouver bike share faced with uphill legal climb
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson wants the city to have a public bike system, eve
read more ...    5 Oct 2010

National Radio considers the Australian helmet laws
"The law here is that cyclists must wear helmets, but in Europe it is not mandato
read more ...    19 Sep 2010

Helmet law rejected in Alberta
Opponents of a contentious new bike bylaw got their wish in September when the ci
read more ...    14 Sep 2010

Appeal court overturns helmet law conviction
An appeal court in New South Wales, Australia, has overturned the conviction of c
read more ...    5 Sep 2010

Fold-up helmet to save Melbourne bikes?
In a bid to save Melbourne's troubled bike share scheme, the state government is
read more ...    29 Aug 2010

Call to repeal law on bicycle helmets
The Australian media has been giving prominent coverage to research by academics
read more ...    16 Aug 2010

Italian law proposal withdrawn
On 27th May the Transport Commission of the Italian Government cancelled an amendm
read more ...    27 May 2010

Obesity deadlier than smoking
Obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness
read more ...    9 Apr 2010

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