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News Headlines

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US DoT restores unhelmeted European images
The US Public Roads has backed down after doctoring photos of European cyclists i
read more ...    28 Feb 2010

Mexico City helmet law repealed after less than a year
On 16 February 2010 Mexico City scrapped its mandatory cycle helmet law that was
read more ...    16 Feb 2010

New helmet designer claims unsafe deficiencies in standard designs
Blake Witherow of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology says that his new '
read more ...    15 Feb 2010

First step towards repealing Israeli helmet law for adults
The Knesset has passed on its first reading a bill that would exempt individuals
read more ...    9 Feb 2010

Fittest children cycle to school
Children who cycle to school are more physically active and fit than those who us
read more ...    28 Jan 2010

Compliance with West Australian helmet law declining
In 2009, 1913 adults and 446 youths were fined for not wearing cycle helmets in W
read more ...    21 Jan 2010

134,000 New Zealanders defy helmet law
Over the past 16 years, around 134,000 New Zealanders - about 3% of the populatio
read more ...    17 Jan 2010

Norwegian research finds no fewer accidents with helmet laws
Research by the Transport Economics Institute (TOI) in Norway has found no eviden
read more ...    15 Jan 2010

Alcohol more significant than helmets in determining head injury
A study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine has failed to "find signific
read more ...    3 Jan 2010

Do helmet laws make kids fatter?
The Orange County Social Services Agency released its 15th annual “Conditions of
read more ...    21 Oct 2009

Inconclusive evidence and more severe injuries
Research for the Transportřkonomisk institutt (TŘI)in Norway finds that helmets h
read more ...    6 Aug 2009

Boy asphyxiated when helmet strap caught on clothes line
A six-year-old boy has died in a freak backyard accident involving a clothes line
read more ...    4 Jul 2009

More support for Safety in Numbers
The phenomenon whereby cycling gets safer the more people who cycle has received
read more ...    28 Jun 2009

Danish law proposal defeated
A proposal for a bike helmet law for children under 12 was roundly defeated in th
read more ...    21 Jun 2009

Manitoba law fails
A mandatory bicycle helmet law was curbed in the Manitoba Legislature on Tuesday.
read more ...    10 Jun 2009

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