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News Headlines

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Have helmet laws increased casualties for non-cyclists?
The primary fault with Australia's draft National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020,
read more ...    5 Mar 2011

Re-analysis challenges key helmet research
A peer-reviewed paper accepted for publication in Accident Analysis & Prevention
read more ...    12 Feb 2011

High School students graduating to be cancer and cardiovascular patients
Cancer Council Australia and the Heart Foundation say their national diet and phy
read more ...    9 Feb 2011

Doctors draw attention to helmet hanging risk
Four pathologists have written to The Medical Journal of Australia about their in
read more ...    3 Jan 2011

Australian standards chaos
Australia's new standard for bike helmets has been delayed for six months after t
read more ...    9 Dec 2010

Cyclists find way around Dubai law
On the highways and byways of Dubai's bustling Al Satwa district, cycle helmets a
read more ...    4 Dec 2010

Brisbane bikes off to slow start
Bike hire in Brisbane started on October 1 and in the first month and a half (to
read more ...    1 Dec 2010

Fear, risk and helmets
International cycling advocate Mikael Colville-Andersen has given a presentation
read more ...    1 Dec 2010

Melbourne bikes still plagued by helmet law
Despite the Victoria State Government subsidising the sale of helmets from city c
read more ...    29 Nov 2010

Auckland bike hire folds
NextBike, a city bike hire scheme operating in Auckland, New Zealand has folded,
read more ...    15 Nov 2010

Child cycling continues to decline in Australia
The Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday released a report titled Children's
read more ...    12 Nov 2010

Dublin bike scheme set for tenfold expansion
So successful has been the Dublin bike hire scheme that it is to be expanded from
read more ...    12 Nov 2010

Slovenia drops plans for adult helmet law
This week the Ministry of Transport in Ljubliana announced that proposals to make
read more ...    10 Nov 2010

Boy left stranded by police as punishment for not wearing a helmet
Police on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia deflated the tyres of a bike
read more ...    8 Nov 2010

Sydney polls support overturn of helmet law
Polls in the Sydney Morning Herald suggest that most people in this part of New S
read more ...    3 Nov 2010

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