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News Headlines

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Helmet laws backfiring, says ER doctor
A Sunshine Coast doctor in Australia has questioned laws forcing adults to wear h
read more ...    10 Oct 2011

Helmet hair stops women cycling
The prospect of arriving at one's destination with 'helmet hair' (the flattening
read more ...    27 Sep 2011

Wrench thrown into bike-sharing plans
The City of Vancouver wants to roll out a bike-share scheme like others that have
read more ...    22 Sep 2011

Wade Wallace changes his tune on helmets
Australian cycling journalist Wade Wallace has written how a visit to Europe has
read more ...    18 Aug 2011

Cycling benefits 77 times greater than the risks
According to new research published in the British Medical Journal, the health be
read more ...    5 Aug 2011

Israeli helmet law cut back
On August 4 the Israeli Knesset passed the third and final reading of a bill that
read more ...    4 Aug 2011

BMJ poll says no to helmet laws
In July, the British Medical Journal's website polled its readers as to whether i
read more ...    3 Aug 2011

Northern Ireland helmet bill abandoned
Proposals for a cycle helmet law in Northern Ireland are not being revived.
read more ...    1 Aug 2011

6 million journeys and no serious injuries
As London's 'Boris Bikes' bicycle rental scheme approaches its first anniversary
read more ...    11 Jul 2011

Attitudes of neurosurgeons to cycle helmets
Some neurosurgeons have been keen advocates of cycle helmet wearing and have somet
read more ...    4 Jul 2011

Secret Queensland review rejects change to helmet law
THE Queensland Government ordered a detailed study into scrapping its mandatory b
read more ...    18 Jun 2011

Dublin clocks up 2 million bike hirings and cycling is safer than ever
The Dublin hire bike scheme has now clocked up 2 million rentals and it is becomi
read more ...    13 May 2011

Helmet laws lead to less cycling, say economists
Mandatory helmet laws have "unintended consequences" says a paper published in US
read more ...    1 May 2011

Public health hampered by false perception of cycling risk
According to the Transport & Health Study Group (T&HSG) - the principal UK health
read more ...    22 Mar 2011

Helmet wearers may compensate by cycling less safely
A study from Norway investigated risk compensation by cyclists in response to bic
read more ...    18 Mar 2011

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