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News Headlines

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Dutch paediatricians reluctant to wear helmets
A survey of paedaitricians in the Netherlands finds that 96% cycle, with 68% ridin
read more ...    1 May 2009

Irish Cycling Framework urges unencumbered cycling
Ireland has published its first National Cycling Framework setting out a vision f
read more ...    20 Apr 2009

Evaluating the health benefit of helmet laws
Professor Piet de Jong of Macquarie University, Sydney had developed a model to p
read more ...    27 Mar 2009

Indiana stays lidless
Proposals to require bicyclists under 18 years in Indiana to wear helmets died a
read more ...    11 Mar 2009

Cyclist pepper-sprayed and rammed by police car for not wearing a helmet
Last Tuesday Shaun Taylor was riding his bike to work in Nelson, New Zealand with
read more ...    17 Feb 2009

Rugby headgear does not reduce head injury
A study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise has found that padded headgear
read more ...    17 Jan 2009

Helmets a spoke in city bike plan
A proposed citywide bicycle network in Gold Coast, Australia, could be derailed a
read more ...    1 Nov 2008

'Helmet hair' puts women off cycling
Women are three times less likely to cycle than men because they are put off by "h
read more ...    19 Sep 2008

Virtuous cycle
International research reveals that as cycling participation increases, a cyclist
read more ...    7 Sep 2008

Helmet laws reduce youth cycling
According to a paper presented at the 2nd Conference of the American Society of H
read more ...    24 Jun 2008

Review claims bike helmets do more harm than good
Making bicycle helmets compulsory has been a huge safety con that has done more
read more ...    4 Apr 2008

Tel Aviv rental bikes dealt "serious blow" by helmet law
Tel Aviv is drawing up plans for a bike rental scheme similar to the successful o
read more ...    11 Sep 2007

3 year old boy strangled by cycle helmet
A three-year-old boy in Adelaide, Australia has died after being strangled by the
read more ...    4 Apr 2007

Ever-diminishing cycling a serious problem for children
Three decades ago most children rode bikes to school or walked now only 5 per c
read more ...    26 Mar 2007

Gardening is riskier than cycling!
Researchers from the Central Queensland University in Rockhampton, Australia surv
read more ...    17 Jan 2003

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